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Monoliths Vs Microservices

Microservice is not the silver bullet

Software Industry is heavily trend-driven. People love going behind the trendy hypes

  • microservices are cool
  • containers are cool
  • noSQL is cool
  • this new language/framework is cool

what makes a good use case for microservice?

  • functionality has very clear demarcation/boundary (the most important.. don’t try to force split an already domain complex module)
  • functionality needs independent scaling
  • functionality needs lot of re-use (many components need it)
  • functionality demands language agnosticity (rapid iterations, deployment)

what should you ensure?

  • you have proper ci/cd set up for continuous build,test, deployment and release
  • you have proper monitoring and visibility (centralized logging (eg ELK), application performance monitoring (eg Newrelic))
  • you have proper deployment strategy (failover, rolling upgrade, provision to switch to previous version)
  • you have proper communication between services (no cascading failures)
Written on June 13, 2020