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Learn enough to be dangerous!!

Recently I came to know about a wonderful online learning resource called Learn Enough. ([Learn Enough] is an initiative by ([Michael Hartl] who is popular for his highly acclaimed Ruby on Rails tutorials series, which was, at one point, Wikipedia founder ([Jimmy Wales]s’ favorite book. I came to know about learn enough through one of the links in StackOverflow answer where I was reading through some answer on UNIX. After going through some of the articles on (unix, git, dev-environment) I was amazed at the simplicity and the narrative way of teaching. Teaching and learning become more effective when the learner gets to realize why first before going on to explore about the whats and the hows. And this is exactly how the tutorials here are structured laying down the foundation and how the technology under discussion came about to be.


Although most of the tutorials are free to learn online, there is also a subscription model where you can have access to the Slack Community, ebooks and the Rails tutorial series. Furthermore, it also accepts scholarships based on applications. Luckily my application was accepted into the scholarship program, Yay!!


Written on July 23, 2018