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GitHub & Microsoft Saga

Github is the most popular hosting site for millions of git repositories around the world, most of them being open source.

Microsoft was filed for Antitrust case in 1998 and has been historically been infamous for being more business-oriented. The then CEO Steve Ballmer even said Linux is a cancer that attaches itself in an intellectual property sense to everything it touches. However times have changed and Microsoft has come a long way. Especially after Satya Nadella got appointed as the CEO, company’s focus has shifted towards Cloud computing and open source collaboration amongs many others. Their cloud computing flagship Azure even has support for linux. Microsoft also joined the Linux foundation in 2016.

I have never been a serious user of microsoft products, especially I started working as a developer. The main reason is that almost all of the infrastructure and ecosystem of product development and engineering revolves around Linux given that it’s almost ubiquitous in server space. Added is the fact that developer tools blend so easily and seamlessly. But I am quite aware that there is a general resentment and hatred towards microsoft and windows in the developer community and much of that is actually not a rational, logical, informed decision. Currently, my whole work revolves around Linux and foss but I don’t have a feeling of hatred towards Microsoft like I used to have before. Clearly, I must have gotten matured :bowtie:

I’m Nat Friedman, future CEO of GitHub. AMA. from r/AMA
Written on June 11, 2018